Saturday, 25 April 2009

Making Web Site Search Engine Friendly

Search Engines (Search Engine) is usually required by a web site developers to publish web pages to its general audience, thisis because almost every person using the assistance of a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, etc. to find web pages thatsearch-related keywords want.Still a lot of people ask why the web site page is not terindex entirely in-engine search engine such as google, yahoo etc, butthey have been through mendaftarkanya fittings web master is provided by the machine searches. There are many things thatallows this happens, one of which is a web page actually has content that may be less well terindex by machine-search engine,so although botnet-botnet machines searching have to crawl the page, but they do not get many information to be published.
Here are some tips that can be applied to make a web page can be ter-index well in search machines such as google, etc.

1. Add Text in Picture, Object and Flash Video.
This is the most basic things, need to remember that search engines take the information that is on a web page based on the text on the web page, not from the picture, or have a flash object. If a web page are required to have a composition with a content object or image flash more than the text, the text should give the object descripsi flash, video, or image, or would be better if used to call the Straight link images, video, or flash object that you want to show it.

Another benefit that can be obtained from the addition of a description on the image, video or flash object is when the visitor's web page using a web browser such as minimalist links or lynx web browser that can not be merender pictures, video, or flash object, the visitor is can still know the information is presented on the web is a description of the text.

2. Perform Validation of HTML code that is.
We suggest a web page, use the HTML code valid. HTML code is valid here is valid based on the standardization of writing HTML, so hopefully the page can be ter-render correctly on all web browsers.

Then what with a search engine.?.
A search engine using the botnet to content of a web page, where the working principle of the botnet is not much different with a web browser. Botnet akan do to surf web pages that have, and save content from web pages and their address information on the web is used as reference to search for the search engine.
Writing valid HTML code here is meant to avoid the risk of errors when the web page is crawled by the botnet, so the information you want to display can be optimized.

3. Create a title page that are relevant
The headline is taken by a botnet is a document of title, the title is a title that is in the writing of the tag in an HTML document.
Use words that fit content with that, and try to be the title document by using the words of familiar, so that if someone searches for a web page onsearch engines, the words used with the title in the document web.

4. Use internal links
Internal link here is the link that connects an HTML document with other documents that have a web site on the same. Should not use the link normal link with the generate javascript or that there is a link to a flash object, because the fear botnetbotnet's search engine can not understand the link.

5. Avoid Duplicate Content on a web page.

Duplicate content occurs when the URL is different but page that contains the same content. This very rarely happens on a web site where static web built manually each page because the manufacturer will be easier to manage the contents and addresses of the web site. However, when using a CMS it is necessary to get special attention from the owner or creator of the web site, because most of the existing page, automatically generate the machine by the CMS.

6. Eliminate the use of text-text that is hidden.
Text-first use of hidden text can help rank in search-engine search engine, but it seems this is not relevant to apply, the botnet is the smart analyze a HTML document on a web page. Hidden text is here text is actually printed on the source document but does not appear because your browser Is manipulated by CSS or the other.
These things may not be enough to menaikan rank a web page in the search machines, but can be a first step to getting a high rank in search engine machine .

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Make web CMS with JOOMLA

"Level once and only basic knowledges for beginner"

Here writer use XAMPP as web server local host, if habit use APPSERV, XITAMI, etc there no problem, in general much the same to be paid attention by the file repository and support to PHP it.

After all XAMPP instalation, truly will emerge icon desktop.

Be like picture under this

Now Here We Go TO The Step:

1.Download XAMPP, CMS JOOMLA in here or here
2.Install XAMPP, then file extract JOOMLA to the d directory programfiles | xampp |
htdocs |
make the directory newly, here writer make ”new”
3.Run dibrowser, here writer make the directory new, become in browser typing

4.Will emerge the box pre-installation check
5. click next, hence will emerge GNU LICENSED, click next again

6. will emerge the box dialogue under this, to arrange the database 7. at step before all if in click next, hence will emerge the box dialogue be like under this, click is O.K.

7.Make your database folder in phpadmin
8. then will emerge the box to give the name sites we to make. Fill in at column site name for example PERSONAL.

9. after in click next at step before all, hence will emerge the box dialogue

10. user n password admin have to we remain to remember…

11. last step before we can use joomla, we have to vanish the directory installations us path the place of us

Start “ to bast” JOOMLA CMS

After we succeed his installation, writer can explain in a word that JOOMLA consist of 2 shares, that is shares FRONT END and shares BACK END.

Front End is appearance website the us later will be seen by user is while Back End is place “ kitchen” we are in( edit, link, insert, update, etc) to be presented in Front End. Its excitement CMS JOOMLA we easily can make web which interaktif with changing which have is in JOOMLA. A few trik and capital design with photoshop hence we can develop;build web which interaktif from visual side and programming.

Front End

Back End


Saturday, 17 January 2009

Analyze the Competition Adsense SEO

Great, so “cat pictures” gets a lot of searches, but will it be very easy or very difficult to rank for? That’s step #2 for me–analyzing the competition for the search terms I want to target. I do this by going to the search engines and checking the results for the keywords. I tend to focus on Yahoo first, MSN second, and never really focus on Google because it takes months to rank for anything in Google. Frankly I’d rather focus my efforts on the two search engines that are responsible for 45% of search traffic (Yahoo and MSN) than focus all of my efforts on Google (a common mistake). Google only gets 30% of search traffic, and it takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to rank in Google. I always get ranked in Yahoo and MSN much faster. So if Google eventually ranks me well due to my efforts with Yahoo and MSN, fine, if not, whatever. If you’ll recall from the Triple Your AdSense CTR ebook (which you need to get from and read if you haven’t already), Yahoo and MSN visitors give much better click through rates on AdSense and YPN ads anyway, so ranking in those engines will be healthier for your bottom line.

Ok, let’s take Yahoo’s results for “cat pictures” and do a little competition
That’s a sign that it will be pretty easy to rank for the keywords, because if 3 of the top 10 are ranking for keywords that they obviously are not optimizing for, if I focus my attention and efforts on optimization for the keywords, it’s quite likely I’ll succeed. Also, of the top 10 results, only 3 had the exact phrase “cat pictures” in the title. Having the exact phrase in the title (and especially having the exact phrase BE the title) is a powerful SEO technique, so if only a few of the results have the exact phrase in the title, that’s another sign that competition is light. Finally, I check the number of in-bound links for the top 3 results. That’s easy to do. Just do a search for “link:”.